Team Members

Braedon, Kanawha County – For me, OVOF is an opportunity, an opportunity to invite everybody to the same table. There is a disconnect between politics and communities. I aim to close that gap. I want to bring the issues of tomorrow to your door, today. I believe that through the power of organized people we can change the trajectory of West Virginia from a continued path of systematic poverty to one that lifts up her people, and invites all of us to enjoy and prosper in West Virginia.  
Alexandra, Kanawha County – An informed, unified electorate where every person and child is afforded equal opportunity for success begins when we are all given a voice and seat at the table.
Jaxen, Fayette County – Being a part of Our Vote, Our Future is honestly an amazing experience. We’re working on so many current issues in the state of WV, doing everything in our power to ensure the best quality of life for everyone here. OVOF is important to me because of my family. Growing up with a single mom working multiple jobs, hard times was no stranger to us. Working on issues such as equal pay for women and funding for children’s programs, I feel like that’s something every single person can relate to. And something that can really make a difference in the lives of West Virginians.‪#‎OurVoteOurFuture‬ ‪#‎OVOF‬ ‪#‎Revolution‬  JaxenStrunk
ThinkingKidoneFishLow Kidone, Kanawha County – I am a part of Our Vote Our Future because we spread awareness about issues that affect the future and put forth the effort to make a change. I have children that benefit from the programs that face budget cuts, and can’t stand to see our priorities out of line.
Joe, Kanawha County – I like working with Our Vote Our Future because it is a well-rounded organization offering many ways to help me in the future. I have a little girl the will be growing up as we try to improve the political environment, and I want her to have the best future possible.  ThinkingJoeQueen
ThinkingBrookeDrake Brooke, Kanawha County – I love being involved with Our Vote Our Future because reigniting the American Dream is a strong passion of mine. I have many nieces and nephews growing up in West Virginia and want to give them each the necessary tools for a better world. My family has fought for this country and defended this state in every war since the first Revolution, and I am honored to be a part of the next one.