We know that West Virginians around our state want to make a difference on the issues that affect their own lives. Having access to health care when you need it. To earn enough to support your family with dignity. Being given a second chance to build your future. But to be effective, we need to connect with other people, and other organizations, who have the same vision.

We believe that electoral politics, public policy, and community organizing must be woven together to create lasting change. We believed that the only way to sustain a movement is to educate and empower a new generation of leaders. To accomplish this goal, we aim to build an organization that works in close partnership with organizations that advocate on behalf of working families.

The objective of Our Vote, Our Future is to develop a base of members that support working West Virginia family issues. To find this group of people the organization will need to participate in a direct voter contact program. This concept is very simple: identify, persuade, and turn out.

By far the most effective way to directly engage voters is one-on-one at the door. Our canvass will give a brief overview of what the organization stands for at each door. Then follow up with an “ask” for paid membership in the organization. Asking members to invest in the organization ensures commitment to the cause and is the most effective way to generate long-term participation.

At Our Vote, Our Future, people come together to change West Virginia. We work together to win the changes that help shape our lives for the better, beating the odds again and again. We do it with great people, and organizations, from communities across our state. With people, by people, and for people just like you.