Our-Children-Our-Future-with-Children-SilhouetteIn coordination with our sister organization, Our Children Our Future, we are in the process of forming our Commitment to our children and our future.

We are going to use this commitment to hold our legislative and governor candidates accountable through the election process, and after.

Policies for this commitment will come from active members of the West Virginia community, like You!

We know that the perfect ideas are not going to come from the same people who have been making policies so far, so we encourage you to give it a shot! If the idea gains traction, it will be assigned a team to make it official, so don’t worry if your not a lawyer.

We do want to keep the policy proposals targeted, so keep our central tenants in mind when drafting your proposal:

  • Great education and jobs: world class education for every person to nurture a diverse, nimble, and sustainable economy that rewards hard work and hard working families
  • Healthy Communities: from affordable and safe access to water, food, and medical attention to fostering healthy, active, and welcoming communities across the state
  • A government that invests in people and people who invest in government: engaging communities and individuals in the political process in order to consistently push our government to better represent and fight for every person in WV


lets get started